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Are you having a classic wedding? This is your classic event with bells and whistles. A full day party with all of your family and friends. Bridesmaids, groomsman, your dog and cat. The storyline of your wedding day will fit in like a good movie.

Or perhaps you're into the more intimate side? Less time, less people, but equal amount of fun! Sometimes it's at a venue, your backyard or simply at your favorite park.

"...He did a GREAT job of photographing different skin tones in one shot (black groom, latina bride, black officiant, middle eastern guests, asian videographer). He was really easy going and his shots turned out to DIE for! "

-Marcia & Dev


Ok, what is this elopement thing I've been hearing about?

WHELP, lemme tell ya. It used to be a way to fulfill a couple's desire to get married, even if it was forbidden or not entirely approved by their parents. Just running away and getting married in secret before the Vikings could attack their village.
Nowadays it's not precisely that. 

Some misconceptions of eloping are;

  • To elope is to be selfish. Your wedding day is probably the only day that IS about you. So don't worry about it.

  • It has to be last minute. Most couples plan their elopement months in advance, just like a classic wedding. 

  • You can't invite anyone. Of course you can! You can invite your dog if you want to.

  • It's not a real wedding.  If you and your partner will remember this day forever then, it was very real. More if there are photos to prove it!

Then , what is an elopement all about?

It's about quality time. It's about having the two hours or even the whole day just for you and your partner. 


It's to not be worrying about the DJ and the food to be out on time because your 300 guests are starving and also you haven't eaten in five hours because your aunt Shelly keeps bringing you people you barely know to say hi. 

It's about choosing the location, day and time that you want and not the slot the venue gave you. If you want to elope after hiking 3 hours then go for it.

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Classic and adventure sessions. 

Whether it's mountains, beach or city-hopping-I'm there! 


My adventure sessions include an assistant (optional), logistics and planning for the Pacific Northwest region.

Classic engagements starts at $275

Adventure sessions are usually tailored to your needs, contact me and let's talk about it more!