Why to elope?

Even though getting married is an adventure on its own, it gives couples a new experience, something that is out of the ordinary. A great story to tell!  

It used to be a way to fulfill a couple's desire to get married, even if it was forbidden or not entirely approved by their parents. Just running away and getting married in secret before the Vikings could attack their village. Nowadays it's not precisely that. 

​Some misconceptions of eloping are:

  • To elope is to be selfish. Your wedding day is probably the only day that -is- about you. So don't worry about it.

  • It has to be last minute. Most couples plan their elopement months in advance, just like a classic wedding. 

  • You can't invite anyone. Of course you can! You can invite Fido if you want to. Please do invite Fido.

  • It's not a real wedding.  If you and your partner will remember this day forever then, it was very real. More if there are photos to prove it!




What is an adventure elopement all about?

Think of it as an intimate experience, a celebration of your relationship that allows you to focus on what matters most, you and your partner. There are many types of elopements, but adventure elopements are usually outdoors and it may or not involve some adventure.
Eloping allows you to set aside all the traditions you don't feel connected to (or sometimes others want you to do). You can elope just the two of you, or you can elope surrounded by your very closest family and friends.


A sucker for views

This is me proposing to my wife back in 2017. Can you tell I already had a knack for this? 

At that time I was just snapping photos as a hobby and being a full time photographer would've been just a dream. lf it wasn't for her limitless support I'd probably still be at a job that I wasn't invested in.


A whole lot more than just photos...



Sneak Peeks
 Up to five photos within the first 72 hours of your elopement. This is optional of course; some people love to wait until all photos are ready.

Full Gallery Open for downloads, sharing and no watermarks. Also, there's no limit on how many photos you get. That being said my average delivery is about 60-90 photos per hour.

Travel costs Gas, tolls, meals and park fees included within Wahington state. 

Planning and logistics You have an idea of what you'd want but not sure enough where? I'll send you locations based on my knowledge that I think they'll be a good fit for your vision. We'll plan trailheads, parking, weather, option b & c, Mercury retrograde? I've got you.

Elopement guide Your own guide with tips, stories and photo inspirations to make your elopement special. 

Assistance Permits, license and all you'll need for your elopement.

Vendor recommendations Amazing vendors such as officiants, florals, hair & make up that will help you on your special day.

Hosting Even though your gallery has an expiration date (one year) I keep all your photos backed up so in case you lost them, you can have them back.

Payment plan Up to five payment installments of your total, your booking fee (20%) is your first payment.

Not included: Taxes


These packages are based off the most requested options.
If these don't really fit your vision we'll make it work!

Let's get the adventure going!




7 hours  

Full Gallery
Slideshow 4K
12x8 Album

Full day. In my experience I find 7 hours is a good fit if you want getting ready photos at your cabin, a second location for ceremony and of course a good portrait session, even if we need to hike for it. 

5 hours

Full Gallery
Slideshow FHD
8x8 Album

Half -a good- day. Ceremony, a good portraits session and even time to cover your reception back at your cabin (or switch that with getting ready).  

3 hours

*most popular*

Full Gallery
Slideshow FHD
5x7 Matted print

Your ceremony, photos with your guests and a good portrait session. All in one place at a relax pace.  

1 hour

Full Gallery
5x7 Matted print

All you need is your ceremony covered and a few photos afterwards.




Elopements FAQ


What about safety?

Let's be honest, we can't have an adventure without having some type of risk, right? 
The difference is that with every location and activity we can identify these risks and prevent them.

For example, What's the risk for a mid-elevation hike at Mt. Rainier during July? Dehydration, sun burn, sprained joints, exhaustion and others. We can't control weather, but we sure can plan for it. Now that we've identified them, we can come prepared for these! 

With my background in safety and guiding I'm combining all my skills so you can focus on you.

That being said, let's not forget that we're still in a wild environment and as my Client, your safety is my top priority and that's why I always plan and prepare for the unexpected. 

Rest assure I will never put you in a sketchy situation for the sake of a good photo. Also, for the sake of safety you should know I pack my First Aid Kit as well with a Satellite communication device that allows calling for SOS anywhere in the world if need to (Zoleo).

Do you reschedule do to weather?

Short I'm fully willing to go out if you are too. That's why I help you plan for a different timeline and options in the event of bad weather.  Now, if the PNW just won't cooperate we can discuss a reschedule (if you're not from out of state). 

How many guests can I bring? 

As industry standard, an elopement is under 20 guests. Keep in mind that we'll most likely be in public land, so be aware that not many places can hold a big number of people at a time. All locations are different and we will discuss it case by case. 


" The mountains are calling and I must go "
- John Muir