Either weddings, elopements or engagement my steps are the same :

  • First contact: Congrats! You've made it this far. If you wish to continue, we schedule a quick phone call and talk about plans and vision.
  • We know what we want and I send you our contract along with your booking fee (20%).
  • That was easy huh? Now you relax and I take charge of our photography planning. Plan a, b, c, sunset time, weather, Mercury Retrograde? I've got this.
  • It's almost your wedding day and we´ve gone over everything. Last minute ideas or changes- this is the time to bring them out in our final meeting or call.
  • Knock Knock, your photos are ready! I love a good suspense movie, therefore I usually don't send sneak peeks. But if your nails can't handle it anymore just let me know. Otherwise expect to revisit your big day in up to six weeks.


F. A. Q.

Besides weddings and engagements, what else do you offer?

  • Family sessions
  • Surprise engagements (yeah, they're awesome)
  • Portraits
  • Maternity

Do you travel?
Who doesn't love to travel? While based in Tacoma - Seattle, I do travel within Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. The Pacific Northwest is my home.

I want my photos!
I know you're very eager to see them! But expect your photos to be out of the oven in up to three weeks for engagements and up to six weeks for weddings. Also, I like to use an online delivery platform called PicTime that makes stunning galleries, which are easy to share and download.

How many photos will I get?
All of my sessions, collections and packages have a no limit on photos, and I always try to give you as much content as I can. With that said, my average delivery is from 70-90 photos per hour.

I don't know where to have my session. Do you know any cool places?
Uh yes. Don't try to melt your brain looking for the perfect location. We can work that out together.

What's included in your packages?
All of my packages include digital files, printing rights, client gallery, hosting (your photos backed up), all the phone or video calls you need, assistance and planning, tons of resources and guides.

When it comes to travel fees, all of the costs and details will go into the contract and package so everything is transparent, and you'll have no surprises. What you see is what you get!

What if covid-19 cancels my wedding?
If there is anything COVID19 has taught me is that we're all in this together. It is understood that wedding dates may need to be revised due to the COVID19 pandemic. In the event that you have to reschedule your wedding date due to COVID19, I'll need as much time of notice to ensure availability. If you choose to cancel the weeding or the new wedding date does not match my availability, you can still use the booking fee as credit for different photography services such as a portrait shoot, engagement session, family portrait session or even as a gift for someone else who would love some photos taken.

Do I need a getting ready session?
This is totally up to you. Sometimes the setting of the place where you're getting ready is not very aesthetic or may be small (like a room in a chapel). But if you ask me, it's still a nice way to give context, meaning and a timeline for your wedding day (not for nothing they call it wedding day and not wedding hours).

Do you offer any payment plans?
Indeed I do. Up to five payment installments of your total, your booking fee (20%) is your first payment.


Got more questions?

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