Hey there!

Meet your photographer

I'm Mati 

When I was studying adventure tourism (yup that's a degree) and planning all sorts of reckless outings, I never imagined I'd find my calling in capturing the moments before a groom sees his bride or a couple celebrating their engagement. But over the years, I've found a passion for photographing people-more fascinating than mountains and wilderness.

Coffee - Stand Up Paddling - Pizza - Hiking

My background 

I spent years doing all sorts of jobs-avalanche safety in the high Andes, ski instructor for little kids (I still believe in you Timmy!), outdoor gear specialist and more.

In these jobs, whether sharing tea and barbecue with a small mining community or leading a group through Patagonia, I realized I never forgot to pack one thing-my camera.



Latino - Dad - Husband 


Photography life

I was 16 when my grandmother got me a Konica Minolta film camera for a school trip. Ever since then I've been documenting my trips and life as a whole. Only a couple years ago I had the strength to jump into full time and make photography my career. My wife was a huge advocate of this as she believed that not only I'd be good at it but I'd also be happy.


Skiing is a big part of my life

Nothing beats a good camping weekend

Gotta start them early!

Lately I've found a great passion in SUP especially in winter