It's wildflower season!

Spring is here and so are nature's colors

Every spring and summer in Washington we enter an incredible wildflower season. With so many unique ecosystems right in our backyard, wildflowers of every shape and color have  found their niche. This year I've chosen Mt. Rainier National Park as my base of exploration, so dust off your shoes and let's do some exploring!

Different options for different needs

Why do this adventure session?

Mt. Rainier is a premier destination for its alpine wildflowers-attracting visitors from all over the state and country. 

Getting close to nature and having some beautiful memories captured is just what many of us need right now.

This is the perfect chance to get those beautiful portraits you've always wanted to get with your significant other, family or anyone else close and dear to you.
Maybe you haven't done your engagement photos, and a wildflower "Save the Date" session might fit your vibe.

Or maybe... you're planning to propose in a meadow of alpine blooms? 




Flat rate


All sessions include

Sneak Peeks Up to five photos within the first 72 hours of your session. This is an optional service-some people love to wait until all photos are ready.

Full Gallery Open for downloads, sharing and no watermarks. 

Frame Your favorite photo matted and framed. Shipping included. 

Also included

Planning and logistics As a former adventure tour guide, planning/logistics is my speciality. I'll take care of Plan A, B and C.

Snacks Small bites and some surprises.

Assistance Not sure what to bring or wear? No worries I've got you covered with my what to pack-list.

Vendor recommendations Top-notch recommendations for vendors in florals, hair, make up. 

Hosting Even though your gallery has an expiration date (one year) I keep all your photos backed up in the case you lose them.

Payment plan Up to three payment installments of your total. The first payment is the 20% booking fee. 

Gear Hiking poles, gators and even snowshoes.

Not included: Taxes. Your entrance fee to National Park. And...engagement rings (that's on you!)



Trail options


(Moderate difficulty)

8 miles roundtrip - 2,000 ft elevation gain


(Easy - Moderate difficulty)

3.2 miles roundtrip - 600 ft elevation gain


Photo source: NPS Mt. Rainier 

(Moderate difficulty)

5.7 miles roundtrip - 1,118 ft elevation gain


(Easy to Moderate difficulty) 

See Trail Descriptions for different options.


Trails descriptions


Your route begins in old-growth forest at 3,900 feet, on a trail that is almost level. In a quarter mile it joins the south-bound Wonderland Trail that arrives here from Sunrise. So, in addition to encountering other day hikers, you might meet a few Wonderland Trail backpackers who are out for one or several nights.

The trail continues on, still in the forest. Occasional openings on your left offer brief glimpses up to the cliffy north face of the Cowlitz Chimneys, where snow banks often remain until late summer, feeding meltwater to small cascades that drop precipitously down to become part of Fryingpan Creek.

As you continue on, the forest around you changes gradually, the trees become smaller and the species different. Soon you are out on more open slopes, with small alpine firs and a lot of white rhododendron shrubs (distantly related to the rhodies you see in town) that often display their small white blooms in June.

Soon the route begins to switchback up the slope to the left. There is some shade there, so it may be cooler. The wildflowers on this north-facing slope peak later than those up in the meadow, so you may see a few species here long after those in the meadow are gone for the season. Soon, the switchbacks end and you take the final steps into the wildflower meadows at Summerland. When the snow first melts, avalanche lilies appear here, to be followed later by lupine, Indian paintbrush, white pedicularis and many others. On a warm afternoon the perfume can be very intense.

The trail continues on, still in the forest. Occasional openings on your left offer brief glimpses up to the cliffy north face of the Cowlitz Chimneys, where snow banks often remain until late summer, feeding meltwater to small cascades that drop precipitously down to become part of Fryingpan Creek.

Look beyond the flower meadows and take in the views up to Little Tahoma, and to the summit dome of Mount Rainier. Summerland is a great place just to sit and relax for a while.

source: WTA


This popular hike provides a range of alpine experiences in a short loop. Walk along a hillside above a small valley, pause at a viewpoint overlooking a lake, and stroll through grassy meadows with stunning views of Mount Rainier. In season enjoy an abundance of wildflowers or perhaps a handful of huckleberries.

The hike follows the Pacific Crest Trail on the northern flank of Naches Peak and the Naches Peak Trail on the southern flank. The loop is best done clockwise for outstanding views of Mount Rainier.

Just after the Dewey Lake viewpoint, the Pacific Crest Trail comes to a junction with the Naches Peak Loop trail. Go right and follow the trail along the southern side of Naches Peak,where you will cross alpine meadows with stunning views of Mount Rainier. This is an exceptionally picturesque area, and it is easy to get fantastic photos here. Many people feel this is the highlight of the loop. Follow this trail back to the Tipsoo Lake parking lot to complete your loop.

source: WTA and Alltrails


The hike starts at 6,400 ft, providing relatively easy access to the breath-taking vistas awaiting at the top. Wildflowers blanket portions of the route.  The entire trail from Sunrise to the lookout is through meadowland and over rocky crags. On a clear day hikers can enjoy superb views of Mount Rainier, the Cascades, and the Olympic Mountains. North of the lookout lies the spectacular meadows of Grand Park.

source: WTA and WA Wildflower Hikes 50 destinations


Paradise is famous for its glorious views and wildflower meadows. An enormous parkland awash with flowery color and jaw-dropping views. There's plenty of options to go around here. From paved-stroller friendly trails to ridges and high-altitude vistas. 

Paradise Meadows Trails

Take any of these trails for excellent views of Mount Rainier, subalpine meadows, and wildlife:

  • Nisqually Vista Trail (1.2 mi/1.9 km) - Views of the Nisqually Glacier. Suitable for families with strollers.
  • Skyline Trail to Myrtle Falls (1 mi/1.6 km) - Paved and wheelchair accessible with assistance.
  • Deadhorse Creek Trail & Morraine Trail (2.5 mi/4 km) - Glacier and wildflower views.
  • Alta Vista Trail (1.7 mi/2.7 km) - Wildflowers and views of the Paradise area.

source: NPS

Dates available for July-August

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